*Taught more than 1000 students in 7 different courses and mentored more than 50 undergraduate/graduate students research activities. Some students have presented at professional conferences and co-authored papers published in peer-reviewed journals

Undergraduate Psychology Courses Taught

1. Abnormal Psychology,

2. Applied Experiences in Psychology

3. Method & Theory in Psychology/Research Methods in Psychology

4. Psychology of Women

5. Violence Against Women

Graduate Psychology Courses Taught

1. Abnormal Psychology

2. Statistics & Research Design

Civic-Engaged Course Taught

1.Violence Against Women–civic-engaged* As part of this course, students deliver an evidence-based sexual assault prevention program to other students.  

Cavanaugh, C.E. (2019). A novel model for advancing student learning and sexual assault prevention on campus. Teaching of Psychology, 46, 306-311.



*In 2018, all of the students in my Violence Against Women course received the Chancellors Award for Student Civic Engagement